The Enneagram & Loving Across Borders

Interview with IEA Denmark re-shared here with permission. Listen in as the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Denmark Board members Annabella Al-Nafusi and Patrick Hougaard Simonsen interview Enneagram researcher and presenter Dr. Frederik Coene and Enneagram coach and community builder Reverend Nhien Vuong on the timely topic of how the Enneagram can help us in loving more fully even in the midst of war. Dr. Coene discusses how we can see different types and instincts showing up in the shade of war. Rev. Vuong shares on the topic of how Enneagram work, done individually and in Enneagram-literate conscious community can help us to “end othering.” Both share as well about their joint efforts to "love across borders" by helping Ukraine. Learn more about the IEA Nordic Conference happening May 26-29, 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden: Contact Nhien Vuong directly if you're interested in supporting our efforts to help Ukraine: [email protected]