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Macha Greenleaf-Maple (she/her/hers) brings over 40 years of experience joining with individuals and small groups to support and facilitate exploration and connection in a variety of human circumstances. She holds degrees in adult mental health, psychology, women’s studies, and social work. She began studying the Enneagram in 2016, and finds this framework of understanding to be a particularly effective tool for herself and others whose journeys she’s privileged to share. Using the practices of contemplation (internal communion), connection (interpersonal communion), and consciousness (by awakening the inner observer and engaging behavioral choice), she continues to transform her own experience and to welcome the opportunity to meet others where they are along the road. 

Macha is an avid long-time Evolving Enneagram Contemplative Practices & the Enneagram (CPE) participant (often in multiple groups!), and has co-led CPE groups along with her husband, Enneagram artist John Greenleaf-Maple, in addition to supporting all EE faculty as a "guest facilitator" for numerous EE programs. She and John are members of the Founding Circle, and serve on Evolving Enneagram’s advisory council.


Her personal journey has included transforming the experience of a painful childhood and multi-generational patterns of trauma, healing from addiction, embracing authentic sexual identity, and overcoming clinical depression and debilitating chronic pain. She bears witness not only to the profound capacity of the individual to remember and embrace wholeness, but also to the ripple effects this personal work can have in one’s family and community.

Macha currently offers private Enneagram-informed spiritual tutoring via Zoom to help others discern their most fruitful path towards their own wholeness!

How can you work with Macha?

Macha is currently accepting new 1:1 clients. For a free initial consult, please email her directly.
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Macha is consistently welcoming, kind, and caring...!

My first introduction to Contemplative Practices and the Enneagram (CPE) groups was in a group led by Macha. I loved it from the very start! Whether leading a group or one on one, Macha is consistently welcoming, kind, and caring— providing a much needed atmosphere for healing! Years later, I can’t imagine living in a world without the enneagram knowledge and opportunities I’ve since been exposed to. I have much more self-awareness and better yet, setting boundaries is coming much easier to me. As an E-6, with a dominant ‘social’ subtype boundary setting has been a forever challenge. Progress not perfection!

- Valerie Clark